Why pick us?

Our Behavioural Insight Assessment is the most rigorous assessment approach in the market.

Effectively recruiting, promoting and developing top talent differentiates organisational performance in terms of customer engagement, strategy execution and financial returns. The better you understand people, the better you can align them to your strategy, fit them to key roles and help ensure they are successful in position sooner and more sustainably looking to the future.

To do this effectively you require an assessment approach that allows you to understand people at the deepest level.

What we do:

  • We provide a robust end to end assessment process tailored to your business, level of candidate and desired outcomes
  • Our in-depth assessment methodology is designed to eliminate unconscious bias and to get the best person for the role
  • We conduct rigorous assessment interviews that provides candidates with a great experience
  • Assessments can be conducted face to face or virtually
  • We deliver a best in class approach with a highly competitive price point

What you get:

  • Independent, objective reports clearly linked to your goals in the language of your business and culture
  • A snapshot of an individual’s ability now and looking to the future
  • Feedback to the business, HR and candidates
  • An empowering candidate experience that that positively reflects your employer brand
  • Strategic insight reporting – strengths and weaknesses by team/division/organisation also providing insight into progress against strategic goals

Where our assessments can help:

  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Culture change and change leadership
  • Diversity
  • Spotting and developing high potentials
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and integrating businesses

Check out our latest webinar “Maximising talent management during (and post!) disruptive times. How behavioural assessment creates competitive advantage.”

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