Cargotec: Global Assessment

Insightful Assessment

By: claridade


As a global manufacturing company with clear goals to grow both organically and through acquisition, it was essential that this organisation and its various businesses were recruiting and developing the right type of leaders. The aim was to ensure continued success of a strongly performing company and to achieve greater market share through re-focusing employees on new – more future focused- ways of working.

What we did

  • Through a partnership approach, we took time to understand the vision and strategic goals of the organisation so our work was clearly linked to the future desired direction
  • We worked closely with an experienced internal expertise team to build a process and approach that would ensure the right level of candidate in the right roles
  • We also ensured candidates received feedback to help the successful candidates hit the ground running and to build on their strengths. Unsuccessful candidates also had the chance of feedback, leaving them with a positive view of the process
  • The recruitment/promotion interview assessments were based on a rigorous behaviourally focused method proven to be the most predictive type of assessment interview
  • We designed virtual assessments to support a faster turnaround of interviews considering the global reach and speedy pace of the organisation.
  • We provided business focused feedback to the hiring managers about the strengths and development needs of the candidates to help them to make the right decisions.


Since 2016 we have conducted over 1000 assessments globally, using our international network of accredited assessors. We have built strong relationships with business leaders and HR contacts which has allowed us to provide a highly-tailored service with excellent results in terms of fit for role. The insights we have gained from our work go far beyond assessment and into how well the organisation is able to deliver its strategic goals with its current talent pool and approach to talent development. Our analysis of trends and patterns have been fed back to the top team to support long term decision making on talent attraction and development.

“Who you hire is one of the most fundamental decisions a company makes. Every hire affects the culture and the outcomes a company gets. The difference in real performance between an average fit and a perfect fit candidate is simply too much to be overlooked. We selected Claridade because of the rigorous, fact based methodology they employ. Now we can be predictive about not just the personality of the candidates (the domain of classic psychometric tests) but about the real-life, actual behaviours. We'd like to think that we are also helping the candidates by giving feedback to everyone, even those who in the end do not get selected.”

Ville Karkiainen

Vice President, Leadership and Talent Development, Carogtec.