Why pick us?

We start with jointly building an understanding  of what change you want to make and why it is important – if you cannot explain why it will make the lives of customers or service users better then we will work with you to make sure that it does and will challenge you to go as far as you can.  Many consultancies are great at helping with diagnosis and we can certainly do that ( working with other partners where it helps to bring more hard data into the analysis) but  we will take it much further to help you to develop a clear roadmap for what needs to change that will drive your purpose, vision, strategy and operating model. And then if you want, we will help you to deliver on it, working alongside your internal team.

What we do:

  • We use our Culture Match Model, which we have developed based on our experience with clients over many years, as a framework to support our discussions with you. Our aim is  to understand and to help you to shape the clarity of your brand, purpose and strategy and to consider how this links to your customer expectations.  Clarity and alignment are the critical starting points for any change process.  Time spent here is never wasted.
  • We look at all aspects of your approach from Leadership to Systems and Processes to see how aligned these are with the culture you are trying to achieve. We guide you to the right priority areas and help you to deliver where you would like the support
  • We recognise that aligned and effective communication is a huge part of the change story, so we work with you to create a narrative that excites, engages and helps people to really ‘get’ what you are trying to achieve.  We work alongside your communication professionals to support the roll out.
  • We work alongside you throughout implementation to inject practical, robust, and creative ideas. We have the skills to support you whether it be with top team support, leadership development, values and behaviours, operating model, structure or process
  • We help you to create change from within , supporting your leaders and bringing a pride to the outcomes

What you get:

  • An aligned and clear change plan which helps you to articulate what needs to change, why and how
  • Clear recommendations and action steps to help you to deliver
  • Deep engagement and alignment across critical stakeholders
  • Practical, support, challenge and energy to get it done!

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