This global manufacturing business is aiming to develop and roll out Service Solutions to enhance its offer to customers.  Creating a service ethos and culture within the business has been a challenge as it is a new and different approach to winning business in a more traditional market.  A new leader was brought in to drive the new strategy.  Our support started with assessing and then coaching this new executive to help her to position herself in this challenging environment and to support her in creating the successful conditions for change.

What we did

  • After observing the leader in action, she requested our support in helping her to develop a high performing team.  She was keen to build on the different styles and strengths within the team
  • We started with interviews and diagnostics in order to find out what was working well and what needed to change in the context of the new strategy
  • We encouraged open and honest feedback from the beginning and role modelled this ourselves
  • In collaboration with the team leader we developed and ran a workshop event where people focused on getting a better understanding of others’ perspectives and on agreeing how they could best work together to deliver the strategy
  • We undertook the assessment of future recruits into the team to help ensure fit


The team was more aligned and able to understand and work with the strengths of colleagues in order to create greater impact together.  New team members have been successfully brought in and up to speed quickly.  Business results have improved rapidly with Services forming a significant part of the overall sales growth.