This major charity was engaged in a bold transformation journey involving significant evolution of their structures, roles, ways of working and values. As a part of this journey, they decided to invest in the development of their leaders and managers to help mobilise and engage the organisation around the vision for change.

What we did

  • We worked in partnership to design a series of developmental 1-day workshops which covered topics from leadership and stakeholder impact, managing change, engaging customers, and bringing vision and values to life for your people.
  • We ensured the workshops were experiential to provide an opportunity to learn actively, whilst also providing participants the chance to shape the discussions and provide their own input.
  • Workshops were conducted across the country which provided an opportunity for colleagues to come together and learn from each other.
  • We designed sessions to gather information from people at all levels about their thoughts, feelings, ideas and feedback in relation to the Transformation Journey so that these could be factored into the process.
  • We summarised and fed back to the organisation with our reflections on the change journey and we used what we were learning to shape the design of future modules.


Leaders felt more confident in positioning the message for change in their own words and were able to translate this into tangible actions and activity for their parts of the organisation. Participants valued the chance to come together and build new relationships with colleagues from across the business and the opportunity to feedback on how they were experiencing the changes.